Quality Ingredients

We only use the best, quality ingredients in all our sports supplements to help you achieve the best results

Podium Performance

Using MUSCLE GOLD sports supplements together with your training programme will give you that podium performance result

Made in the UK

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, MUSCLE GOLD brings you premium high quality sports supplements

MUSCLE GOLD is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals

MUSCLE GOLD has been developed from our passion, to be the best in all areas of life but ultimately to provide sports supplements that amplify your performance, strength and overall health & fitness.

Our vision is to be a focused organisation that will ensure that you, our customers receive the highest quality products at the strongest possible price point.

MUSCLE GOLD brings a wealth and knowledge in the sports supplement world, from personal experience all the way through to product design. We strive to bring new and innovate products into the market to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that is building strong lean muscle or shedding down for a show, we have it all.